The Interview

February, 3Life...

I was recently contacted by Brian Rzeppa with about doing an interview for his article on voice over narrators.  It’s great article and pretty neat site. Take a spin over to see what I had to say…  Continue reading


January, 19Production...

Before my voice over career began to take shape I was the imaging director for multiple stations.  Here is a look some of my favorite plug-ins and some settings for you to try out.

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Football things!

October, 1249ers...

The older I get more I realize how much life is about the experience of things rather than objects.  This year has been pretty awesome in the 49ers experience category.

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I made it on TV!

September, 1449ers...

So it’s no secret I’m a MASSIVE 49ers fan.  Turns out me taking a simple pre-game picture with Colin Kaepernick made it on to ESPN.  Full highlights of my trip in the video below…

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