How it all came together.

This post is probably long overdue.  But, whenever I meet new people or fellow voiceover colleagues my studio is always a topic of conversation.

So, from concept to completion… here is a look inside my studio build.


1: The Concept


Open, Modern, and a touch of the 49ers.

My studio build started as a 12×18 storage room. It was once the home of lawn mowers, tools, paint and other garage overflow from the previous owners of our new home. The project started with a concept design and drawing in Sketchup. Those photos are above.

From there we gutted it… down to the bare studs and existing insulation. That’s my buddy, Jay, who also happens to be an awesome builder!  Check him out at

Let’s take a look at the design a little closer…

Framing the booth –

Proposed Dimensions Framing Framing 2 IMG_2254 IMG_2253 Frame1 Frame2 Frame6 Frame5 Frame3 Frame7

This is the “cap” the booth.


It has a 1” air gap all the way around for true isolation. The walls were raised and then the cap was set into place.

Here is a final look at the framing.

Frame8 Frame7


This is where I got really fancy. Here are all my wire runs…

  • Monitor to inside the booth via HDMI T1 for ISDN
  • A custom 6 gang white powered coated XLR TRS wall plate from Rapco
  • USB to inside the booth
  • Power all over the place
  • TV sound
  • Security
    The list goes on… this the most functional workspace ever.

Drywall2 10553329_10154883730195322_7590964069568864524_n 1382890_10154883730135322_4013419562405665269_n Wire2

We even added a red rope light between the glass. (before you ask, when it’s dead, it’s dead)

image2  tilewall3

(I know that picture is sideways… I can’t figure out how to rotate it.)

The booth HVAC fan speed is controlled by a knob which is within reach in my booth. Here is the rough-in of it on the right.



This explains itself, however, we added a compound called “Green Glue” between the 1st and 2nd layer of drywall in the booth. Look them up online at just do a Google search for Green Glue.



49ers colors… White trim…

Paint1 Paint2

I even made my Dad do some painting while he was visiting.

Booth Windows/Glass!

One of the more important things to me was to not feel “closed in” in my new booth. I wanted as much view of the outside world as possible. So, we installed big pieces of glass – 4 big pieces of glass – 3/8” thick on one side and 1⁄2” on the other. Here is a look at that install.

Glass2 Glass4 Glass3

So between the glass I added a fabric to soften the rope light. Acts sorta like a lamp shade… super pretty.



We found some fire rated doors at the Habitat Restore. Total steal for 50 bucks. 2 doors to maintain the air gap.

Door2 Door1

Nice huh?


Some of the coolest pieces in my studio are the finishes. I opted to wrap my booth in a poly- texture product that looks like stone. It’s from a company called Texture Plus and is super rigid and looks fantastic.


I found a picture on Pinterest and had to give my booth a little pop with the acoustic panels. A total PIA but it looks great. I had my wife and friends help me cut and wrap every single piece of these panels.

TileWall1 tileWall2 tilewall3


I went with tile that looks like wood outside of the booth.  Inside the booth is carpet.  If you wanna see it for yourself… go to Lowes.

All told it took about 3 weeks to complete.  But I couldn’t be happier.  If you have any specific questions… just email me.

original_001_print original_002_print original_003_print original_004_print