49ers vs Tampa

Took a quick trip over to Tampa to watch the 49ers week 1 victory over Tampa Bay.  

Here’s a look at the trip.


I was recently hired to add some play by play highlights for E-Sports Gaming.  These guys are super good.  I love video gaming!

Over the weekend!

This site is ALL me. If you’ve met me you’ll understand completely. It’s everything I asked for when this process started. Big shout out to Marice Tobias and Jason Sikes for making this thing happen. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

And prepare for lots more themed fun from my new branding.

Also I couldn’t be happier with the 49ers draft.  I grilled a few things this weekend while I watched the draft and the NBA playoffs.  

Reverse seared beef tenderloin (credit John McCalmont on that) and a smoked chicken.  Soooo good!  Let me know if you want the recipes.

How it all came together.

This post is probably long overdue.  But, whenever I meet new people or fellow voiceover colleagues my studio is always a topic of conversation.

So, from concept to completion… here is a look inside my studio build.