Before my voice over career began to take shape I was the imaging director for multiple stations.  Here is a look some of my favorite plug-ins and some settings for you to try out.

I have always been a fan of audio and audio processing, gear, software, hardware and underwear.  So naturally I really enjoyed my time as an imaging director/producer for a handful of stations across the country.  That gig gave me the chance to really develop some processing tricks that can still be used today.

There is no right or wrong answer for what plugs to use.  It’s simply trial and error.  See what your ears like.  I like Waves, Audioease, iZotope and the Universal Audio stuff is STELLAR!  Pretty everything below is Waves.

Anywho, here is a look at some of settings.

For a production session try this…

Above is my chain.  VO Bus, SFX Bus, and Master Bus

Here is a look at the VO Bus…

Gate the room noise.

Make the VO shine with JJP from Waves.  Tweak as you like.

Now… The SFX Bus

RComp as set keeps the music from killing the VO in the mix.

And the Master Chain!

With the stereo width it adds a nice wide sound to the mix.  Really makes it jump off the speakers.

Ok… I always send my VO with what I call the “150cut”.  Wanna see it?  Of course you do… take a look.

4 plugs as shown below.

Now go create something awesome!