Football things!

The older I get more I realize how much life is about the experience of things rather than objects.  This year has been pretty awesome in the 49ers experience category.

If you know me, or anything about me, you know that I am a HUGE 49ers fan.

And while I could get into a long post about how I disappointed I am that the team has taken an awful downward spiral in the last few seasons.  I will refrain and share some pretty epic experiences I’ve had in my two games this season I was lucky enough to enjoy in person.

Week 1 – MNF

On the heels of the “kneel” (just Google Colin Kaepernick) – I was able to snap the photo below.


And that picture made it on to the ESPN pre-game show.


Pretty epic MNF game (and as of this post the only 49ers win this season) that you can see in my previous post.

Week 5 – TNF

Not sure how I talked my wife into it… but was able to sneak away for two days for 49ers vs Cardinals on TNF.  Another epically bad performance… but a fun experience.

Pregame started with some music and conversation with guys like Eric Reid and Marcus Martin.

123_1-9 123_1-10

Then, got on the field with some pre-game field passes from Rob at 49ers Studios!


Met a Super Bowl Champion – Jesse Sapolu – who showed me his Super Bowl Ring

img_4315-jpg img_4314-jpg-1

And met Trent Baalke… 49ers General Manager (hopefully former GM soon) so snapped a photo with him too.


I’m excited for the day when I get to take my son to these games and experience all this fun with him.

Go 49ers!